miercuri, 29 decembrie 2010

It's the most..

wonderful time of the year!

the Christmas tree

the little angel, again



H&M blouse; Zara belt; Zara jeans; cap and boots unknown

me (wearing my funny chipmunks pyjamas) checking some presents in the morning! :)

I just love this time of the year, which smells just like gingerbread, tangerines, cookies and the house is just sparkling because of those cute coloured tiny lights

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And what did you got from Santa ?

Lots of love

luni, 27 decembrie 2010

It seems that I've been good this year..

because I've just got the Lanvin H&M dress for my bday! It was the last one, in my size. How lucky could I be ?!

PS: it was on sale 75 euro! haha :D


I'll post the pics from the Chrismas Eve soon!


duminică, 26 decembrie 2010

Christmas Eve preview

me and the Christmas tree topper ! (It's my dad's tradition, he's making every year a pic like this) funny, no? :))

the little angel

Merry Christmas everybody!

sâmbătă, 11 decembrie 2010

Christmas Wishlist



Please Santa, be kind!

1. H&M x Lanvin dress 150 euro
2. Zara wedges ~60 euro
3. Cheap Monday jeans 57 euro
4. Fashion Now 2 ~20 euro

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm soooo #@%&*^$ busy with the school..... 2 exams left, next week and then I'm free!


sâmbătă, 27 noiembrie 2010

miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

the PRADA trousers..






wearing: vintage LEVI'S jacket; H&M sheer shirt, cardi & flats; PRADA camel trousers; Debenhams purse

Well, this is my beloved pair of PRADA trousers..unbelieveable, right? They are just perfect: skinny, high waisted and camel ! The price? less than 2 euros, and they're are brand new and original. About my jacket hmm I was looking for a vintage Levi's jacket in my size for a loooong, long time and I'm so happy that I found it!
PS: the pics are made with a new camera.. too bad that it's my dad's newest toy and he doesen't let me take it outside now :)) HAHA! bad for me! But you know, I promise to take some outside pics asap!


joi, 4 noiembrie 2010


the New Look pumps as seen on: This chick's got style and Intrigue me now
I wanted to buy 'em on red but they were already sold out.. so I got 'em on navy :)
Also today was a magnific thrift shopping day (AGAIN!!) because I have found a real fur jacket.. (I don't agree with killing animals and to wear "them" on you.. but with vintage ones I'm okay..) and guess what I found???? a pair of PRADA camel skinny trousers!! They are magnific!!!! I'm so happy today ! I think I'll wear them next days with my new red flats.. also I'll try to post a new outfit but unfortunatelly my camera isn't home..

Have a wonderful day!


luni, 1 noiembrie 2010

thrift day :)

pic via tumblr.com

Today was a lucky day for me.. well, while I was searching the vintage shops/ aka second hand shops.. I found a vintage LEVI'S jeans jacket, my size! Gosh, it is so amazing! And what about the price? 10 lei (aprox 2-3 euro) Great, no?
And the other thing I found today was a khaki maxi skirt, in my size ofc. It looks the same as the H&M maxi skirt which I was just thinking to order..
So *trink*trink* I have already an ideea for my next outfit post, which will include my maxi skirt..

In other news, some of you don't know that I have a tumblr inspiration blog, where I post daily the pics that inspire me.. I have it since the summer holliday started but I forgot to post on my personal blog about it. here it is:

PS: What's with me? The last days I've been into a black-clothes-from-head-to-toes mood. Don't worry, I've added a bit of color with a brown cardi and my tiny Zara camel belt..


sâmbătă, 30 octombrie 2010

another sunny day

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
wearing: H&M jacket; Pimkie dress worn as a blouse; ZARA denim leggings; Converse sneakers

Today was a perfect sunny day.. Just perfect for some pics :) This is my 2nd outfit of today.. because when I went out I thought that it is cold outside so I wore my UGGs and a fluffy parka jacket.. but then I realised how beautiful is the weather and I came back home to change the clothes :)
I'm wearing my newest pair of Converse sneakers which I absolutely love and adore. I got 'em as a present from my beloved boyfriend. Aren't 'em just perfect??
In the last pics: me and my cute photograper and in the second one me and my boyfriend/ LOVELOVE

have a nice day,


Dear Santa, mom etc.

Here is what I'm wishing for:
*a Nikon D-SLR camera.
*to move asap from this city
*to get my tickets to Paris very soon
*a shopping day
*Fashion Now vol 2
*a pair of designer shoes for my birthday (I prefer Acne, but you can get me any pair of designer shoes and I'm happy)
and the last but not the least,
*a Blackberry phone (you know that my phone is good-for-nothing, although it has a cute design..that's why I need a new one)

Thank you!

PS: make sure that all my wishes will come true :)

luni, 25 octombrie 2010

Givenchy inspired

This is my beloved pair of leggings from H&M. I do love the print because it's very futuristic and it makes your outfit, they're that pop of the outfit :D. They're kinda Givenchy and McQ inspired and I do think that they look expensive, but they're not ! I've bought 'em for only 10 euros..great, no? :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

H&M denim jacket;ZARA sweater; H&M leggings; H&M shoes & socks; C&A purse


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duminică, 24 octombrie 2010

the song

I've been into this song lately, I like it so much.
I'm going through a hard period but I try at least to keep calm..
New outfit pics later :)


vineri, 22 octombrie 2010


This is my newest addiction: GOLDEN NAILS!!! OMG, they're gorgeous.. and I think that they're a statement accessory for an outfit. What do you think about 'em? (Taylor Momsen and M.I.A. are wearing golden nails ♥)

pics via tumblr.com

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Bye bye i-am-sandra.blogspot.com !
The blog's name was quite boring.. right? And for over a month I've been thinking for a new name.. so today I had the perfect idea: Messy Glam.. hmm. Yes, I'm messy. I mean.. messy (in everything) and glam just because I like to be unique and for some time I've been addicted to glitter stuff :D.. So welcome dear new name, The Messy Glam !!
What's your opinion? Do you like the new name? :)

PS: those who were following me (i-am-sandra) on bloglovin' , please follow this new blog!
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marți, 19 octombrie 2010

the giveaway winners

Am folosit random.org, norocoase fiind numerele 1 si 3 !! Simona http://boheme-fille.blogspot.com/ si Sandra (hahah, same name :D) http://thehearabouts.blogspot.com/ sunt castigatoarele :D.. Imi cer scuze ca nu v-am anuntat mai devreme dar am fost extra busy cu scoala. Va voi contacta prin e-mail :)

PS: check http://microminishop.blogspot.com/ ; voi adauga muuulte produse noi zilele astea !


joi, 14 octombrie 2010

One day we're gonna live in Paris..

I'm counting down the days.. I just cannot wait for the next summer !! In March I'll turn on 18 and I thought that is better to keep my money that I could spend on a party (on the food, drinks and to hire a place) I could actually go with my boyfriend somewhere on holliday! So guess where we're going next summer? Yes.. to PARIS !!! Ohh I'm so happy ! It's the 3rd time for me visiting the most fashionable city and for my boyfriend it is the first time.. when I told him today he was very surprised and happy because he told me a couple of months ago that he wants to visit Paris and he thinks that is absolutely wonderfull, so do I :) hihi

marți, 12 octombrie 2010

TAG: 7 things about me!

The cutie pie, Simona tagged me : " The Versatile Blogger" award so I had to write down 7 things about me; enjoy!

1. I am an 17 (& a half :D) years old student, who's waiting to grow up, to finish the high school and to discover the world.
2. After I finish high school, I wish that I could study fashion design and I hope to make my way into the fashion industry...
3. I am in a relationship for almost 3 years. Since I was about 13 I had feelings for him even though in that time we didn't know each other personally.
4. I know that someday I'll live in London because since I was a child I was attracted to that magical place and since I have visited it I knew that I belong there. And 'till then, I'm waiting to move in Bucharest with my boyfriend :)
5. I always had a problem with finding my true friends because I'm too sensitive and I put way too much love in all friendships..After all my problems I have found out who's true or not. Although I never had a best friend, my mother is in that place for me. We're having a friend-friend relationship and I'm realy gratefull !
6. My fav music is electro-jazz, electronic, trip hop, indie and british rock music.
7. I love my cat, she's so sweet and fluffy. She stays with me when I'm sick, she sleeps with me, she hates homework as much as I do (when I'm writing she's sitting down on my notebook and she takes my pen), she's always waiting for me at the door when I'm coming home from school aww. I can't live without her because she's having a very important place in my life.

Feel free to make this tag, I think it would be very interesting to know something we didn't know about you! :)

luni, 11 octombrie 2010

1 year anniversary!!! :D

So today is the big day! Yup! My blog has reached 1 year... I remember when I started the blog, was about 6 in the afternoon and it was very cold outside.. Because I was looking through blogs for about 2 years I thought that I should have my personal blog too (I have another 2 blogs, which are older than my personal blog. One is handmade ant the other is a shop-my-wardrobe blog :D).. so here I am now.. I don't regret anything except the fact that I didn't post many outfits here.. my camera is old and I usually don't like the pics I'm doing with it..
How I've spent the day? At school, shopping (found a wonderful bag, you can see it in the outfit pic) and talking at the phone with my boyfriend who was searching at Zara for the pair of navy chino pants that I'm craving for a loon long time.. and he found 'em :D hihi!!!
Today's outfit: (sorry for the pic, this is the only one.. my camera died after my mom took this pic :|)


wearing: H&M jacket & long shirt; ZARA denim leggings; UGG boots; thrifted bag & my bf's sunnies

duminică, 10 octombrie 2010

the-100-post and 1 year giveaway !!!

Tomorow is a big day! :) It's my blog's anniversary!! YEY!
I know I didn't had many outfit posts & co because I hate my camera.. well, I promise to take more pics and to post much more in the future!!
Hmmm.. about the giveaway: only for my RO readers (sorry! :-s)
Puteti castiga un inel Accessorize, la fel ca al meu! O sa aleg 2 castigatori "randomly" si tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa imi lasati un comment cu numele si mailul vostru! aveti la dispozitie o saptamana !!
**Cat despre inel.. e surpriza :P!
haha, I promise that I'll post some new pics today!!


miercuri, 29 septembrie 2010

blah blah

Quite busy with the school, sorry but I'll post some new pics on friday I think because I want to spend my time with my sweetheart. (he's leaving tomorow in the afternoon :( )
I'm so sad altough so happy because my wedges are here, I have a new haircut and my mom bought for me FASHION NOW! ...and I'm relaxing while reading the new issue of Harper's Bazaar.

PS: Because in a few weeks will be the 1st year anniversary of my blog, I'm thinking about a giveaway.. what do you say? :)


sâmbătă, 11 septembrie 2010

the bye bye holliday

uhmm. WELL, the summer holliday is over and it has also run away with the sun and the long lazy days at the beach.. I'm quite sad 'cause I already miss that beach with the wind and the sea.. I have a very looong homework to do. AUCH! Well, some good news.. my H&M Givenchy inspired tights will be in my hands Monday.. the wedges in 2 weeks I think.. aaaaaand tadaaa guess who found the most wanted Zara wedges ??? I'm so happy about that! :)

PS1: New pics soon.. With the last outfit in denim shorts.. (now is very cold here:( ) Don't blame me but I'm writing from the laptop.. and the pics are in my PC. Oh, and I want to thank you all for the lovely messages I've recieved. You make my day happy! :) I'll answer when I'll be at my computer. Love
PS2: you can see me over here at 1:15 in the back.. (aiaiaiaiiii while I'm watching this movie I'm missing that place more and more..)

joi, 2 septembrie 2010

september's here...

H&M jacket; Primark t-shirt; scarf from Vama Veche; ZARA denim leggings;Red Lips oxford shoes

Now I can say that autumn's here..it is toooo coooooooold!!!! I've noticed that my hair is longer since I've posted my last outfit pics, in July I think.. haha now I'm quite happy that I finaly have it a lil bit longer. I already miss Vama Veche, the beach, the sea, te clubs, drinking tequila at 6AM and sleeping on the beach..
And about the outfit.. hmm I'm wearing my new H&M biker jacket which my mom bought for me in her trip.. I'm so in love with it ! Also with my oxford shoes, I love 'em so much although I think I'll go crazy when I'll see many girls in the town wearing 'em. (I usualy avoid to buy clothes from the local shops..) and about the scarf... I love it A LOT! I think it is the most beautiful scarf I've ever had and it reminds me of the sea... the place where I've bought it.
I know, I know... I promise to post more outfit pics ! I swear! :D

PS: Lager is better, no? :)

marți, 31 august 2010

new items in my wardrobe

I absolutely adore those leggings..I loved 'em at the first sight.(seen 'em on The Blonde Salad) also I've seen a girl in Vama Veche wearing a pair of harem pants with the same print, they were simply amazing and I said that I must have 'em.. Bad luck that I haven't seen them on their online shop. maybe next time :D
And about those wedges.. hmm I wanted to buy 'em sooo much in march but they were sold out in stores. The color I wanted was black, but in the new collection black doesn't exist anymore, so I bought them in this print, which actually is in the trends and luckly this pair of wedges is cheaper now: 10 euros! (in march were 20 euros)

what do you think about my new purchases? :)

vineri, 27 august 2010

love love loveee

Just when I'm finding it hard to breath, you lift the weight inside of me
Oh baby I see the light, thats burning bright, and we're the stars
Oh Anne you save me from the world
Oh Anne you save me from the world
Stars please shine for me tonight

joi, 26 august 2010

din seria bla bla

wearing: sunnies borrowed from Razvan; H&M shirt; Oasis necklace (+ moms TOPSHOP denim shorts + oxford flats **not in pics)

Today's pics. We've had SO much fun making the pictures and singing. Huggie sweetieee ^.^
PS: I've bought a pair of gray suede oxford flats! yupy

+bonus the songs that we were singing this night (click on the songs to listen 'em):