joi, 2 septembrie 2010

september's here...

H&M jacket; Primark t-shirt; scarf from Vama Veche; ZARA denim leggings;Red Lips oxford shoes

Now I can say that autumn's is toooo coooooooold!!!! I've noticed that my hair is longer since I've posted my last outfit pics, in July I think.. haha now I'm quite happy that I finaly have it a lil bit longer. I already miss Vama Veche, the beach, the sea, te clubs, drinking tequila at 6AM and sleeping on the beach..
And about the outfit.. hmm I'm wearing my new H&M biker jacket which my mom bought for me in her trip.. I'm so in love with it ! Also with my oxford shoes, I love 'em so much although I think I'll go crazy when I'll see many girls in the town wearing 'em. (I usualy avoid to buy clothes from the local shops..) and about the scarf... I love it A LOT! I think it is the most beautiful scarf I've ever had and it reminds me of the sea... the place where I've bought it.
I know, I know... I promise to post more outfit pics ! I swear! :D

PS: Lager is better, no? :)

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  1. Yes, please post outfits more often. You always have the coolest clothes, I swear I am going to come over there and steal some items :)) I am kidding, don't call the cops on me just yet. Well, I love love your denim biker jacket and those acid jeans. Great Oxford shoes too.

  2. just a cute casual look!! love the jacket and jeans with those shoes!!

  3. yay, i'm so excited for autumn!
    Loving the outfit dear, especially the jacket and shoes!! xxx

  4. I love the jacket!! Great combination xx

  5. lovely outfit! seems like you're sense of style is ready for fall too !

    ..and yes...more outfit posts! :)


  6. This is a great outfit, Sandra! Casual cool!
    P.S: I'm a follower of your blog now!:)


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