duminică, 22 decembrie 2013


Hello lovelies!

Because Christmas is around the corner, I have decided to make a fun collage wishlist. Now I can declare myself a shoe-addict - you never own enough & you always need more. After owning almost ten pairs of heels and never-wearing-heels-because-of-pain, these are the most comfortable shoes I can wear, so why not? The black patent heel pair is my favourite. Gimme those and I am happy. No 2 - the tassel flats or the cropped top - can't decide. Also, I need that silver vase because it has a pretty design and I want to be prepared for the spring, my fav season. :)

Oh, and the bonus - the OH-LA-LA Paris collage I have created last night because I had nothing to do & had a bit of inspiration. Ta daa!

What do you wish for Christmas?

PS: the giveaway winners have been anounced by me in a personal message!

joi, 5 decembrie 2013

Sunny December & pre-St.Nick GIVEAWAY !!

Hello dears!

I'm somehow back, in between a hard cold & school projects. After feeling awful and staying 5 days in bed without going outside and sleeping 90% of the time, I finally made some courage to go outside. I know that I barely show a sign of life but, believe me, school work, research, homework & other work-stuff are killing me. Also, after having my nail stitched, my hands cut by paper & my health destroyed by cold & tricky weather, I'm ALIVE. Somehow. 

Myup, I've been working lately with my team for a cute (parper & wire) project made for a mall in Bucharest which I'll reveal to you later.

Ohh, I'd almost forgotten to tell you about the outfit. The purpose was to feel warm & comfty. The whole outfit was created around the tights I had received from VENEZIANA.FR. - PRISMA tights you can see here better. I'm wearing a black flowy dress, a merino wool sweater, a black cardi, biker boots & a huge knitted scarf + the aaah-maaa-zing Cambridge Satchel white bag.


Acum, concursuuuuul !! 

                               MADAME TRAMATO                                 CLAUDINE

Impreuna cu cei de la Veneziana.fr am decis sa organizam un concurs in care punem la bataie doua perechi de ciorapi fab pentru sezonul rece, mai ales pentru ca se apropie Mos Nick, dar si Mos Craciun :) ! 
(Ciorapii sunt exact cei din imagini si sunt marimea 3)

Tot ce trebuie sa faceti este: 

1. Sa dati Like paginii VitoVenice - here
2. Sa dati Like paginii Messy Glam - here
3. Sa lasati un comentariu cu numele vostru de pe FB + e-mail (ca sa va pot contacta) si sa scrieti ce model preferati ca sa stiu ce pereche va trimit.

Pentru 3 extra sanse: follow via GFC / bloglovin / twitter (mentionati in comentariu numele/platforma)
Concursul se inchieie in data de 11 decembrie, la miezul noptii !

Mult succes!


sâmbătă, 30 noiembrie 2013

playing as a stylist

1|| Lanvin x H&M dress | Zara sandals
2|| H&M Trend dress | pearl necklace | Prada vintage shoes

Hello there!
While I'm dealing with a cold now and I do not feel well at all (+a lot of work to do for school) I remebered that I haven't posted these pictures but I promise that I'll come back monday with a fresh start.
As some of you might know, my future job will be as a stylist/personal stylist and in my spare time I love to play the styling game.
This the second time when I work with the beautiful Lorena and, as I expected, it turned out to be pretty awesome.

What do you think guys?

PS: maine voi anunta un concurs pe blog in care puteti castiga 2 perechi de ciorapi super cute de la Veneziana.fr ! Asa ca stati cu ochii pe blog :)

marți, 15 octombrie 2013

autunno & mustard

Cold weather, here we meet again! Myup. School started last week and I've been busy as hell. And the tricky weather & the fluffy blanket won't let me leave the house..
I wore this outfit today, during the lunch break. I'm wearing one of my newest purchases: the red wool hat (luv the color and the shape - it's perfect!), the mustard sweater which has a very nice texture and fit. I'm into oversized pieces and yes, this is just awesome! Also, I'm wearing my newest pair of Veneziana tights which is soooo awesome. It has a nice kinda floral print & I love the fact that it has that otk socks look because of the matte part. Needless to say that the tights are soooo comfy & the texture is great! 

In order to keep warm & for more pairs of awesome tights don't forget to visit www.veneziana.fr !

See you next time!

miercuri, 28 august 2013

surrealistic shapes

Inspired Gaudi's famous mosaics and by René Magritte's paintings, I have created a mosaic geometrical dress which represents my vision of the future. As a surrealist lover, I have chosen Magritte's three famous paintings as a "print" for my dress: the iconic surrealist painting - "The son of man", "The False Mirror" and "The Infinite Recognition". I see that women in future will wear geometrical shapes, exaggerations, inovative materials and unexpected prints. 

dress | Sandra Matache
model | Lorena Iacob
MUA | Ina Grosu
photo & edit | Sandra Negrea 

Dress | coordonated by Prof. Dr. Paula Barbu
UNARTE // MODA AN 1 // 2013 


sâmbătă, 24 august 2013

naughty tights

Hello sweeties! 

I'm back in my hometown, from almost 2 super fun weeks spent at the sea side. I needed some "me" time, to clear my mind, to relax and have fun. 
The moment I got home, I found a package with this amazing stockings. I always loved this kind of stockings but it was little bit hard to incorporate them in a daily outfit. Ofcourse, everyone in the city was staring at me, but I had fun wearing them.

You can get them and also find a huge variety of stockings, tights & socks at www.veneziana.fr !


vineri, 26 iulie 2013

A tights story

Veneziana Diana tights, shirt,skirt & shoes Zara

Hello lovelies! After so many time, I'm happy to announce that I am back in business!
The first year of college was awesome and hard, I learned many things, I met true friends and nice people and so on. I've been gone in the last weeks, I went to the seaside and I visited my great grandparents :) Dragos was busy with his licence and now we're finally free!

Last days I got a package with the most comfortable and awesome pair of tights ever. When it comes to tights I'm kinda pretentious, I want them to be resistant, to have a nice model but most important, to be comfortable and to leave me free to move.
Veneziana tights are just perfect! They have many awesome pairs of tights and they come in many colours. My favourite model was Diana. It is a pair of tights that looks just like stockings, oh my.. can you tell how much I love this pair! It is both classy and sexy, and I already have many cool outfits in my mind with this awesome pair of tights!

What do you think? Don't forget to visit veneziana.fr !

See you soon,

luni, 10 iunie 2013

We are moving

Hello lovelies!

We know that you haven't heard of us lately, but we have been (and still are) extremely busy with work, projects, finals & school related stuff. We wanted you to know that we are doing great and that we will enchant you with a new "messy glam" project.

Because we had some issues with blogger in the past 6 months, we are leaving this platform soon.
We will let you know when our new blog is ready ! I barely cannot wait to share it with you :)

PS: Dragos has graduated on the 1st on June! Here are some pics:

SanDragos :))

duminică, 7 aprilie 2013

20 years old heels

Heels for the second day of being 20 years old. I started the day with a nice feet pain after my birthday and I said, what the hell, I should wear heels today to make the pain go away. Just like hangovers, drink again the next day so the headache will go away.

pics Diana Dima xx

luni, 25 februarie 2013

new hobby

Hi there! I am back on track. As you have noticed, there are a few changes on the blog. Due to my school exam at Photoshop, I discovered a new hobby - editing pictures! Here is my exam - all I had to do was to edit the dress in PS and make it look different. I really love the effects! 
After the exam, I looked on the internet for tutorials & co. and I added what I have learned on the blog - I've changed the banner and the right column. I'm still working on it, and hopefully, I'll show you the final result later this week. 

Here is my homework for PS during the semester, I really enjoyed the time making the collages.

And here it is what I did yesterday during my trip back home. Do you enjoy playing with pictures?