miercuri, 28 august 2013

surrealistic shapes

Inspired Gaudi's famous mosaics and by René Magritte's paintings, I have created a mosaic geometrical dress which represents my vision of the future. As a surrealist lover, I have chosen Magritte's three famous paintings as a "print" for my dress: the iconic surrealist painting - "The son of man", "The False Mirror" and "The Infinite Recognition". I see that women in future will wear geometrical shapes, exaggerations, inovative materials and unexpected prints. 

dress | Sandra Matache
model | Lorena Iacob
MUA | Ina Grosu
photo & edit | Sandra Negrea 

Dress | coordonated by Prof. Dr. Paula Barbu
UNARTE // MODA AN 1 // 2013 


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