miercuri, 26 decembrie 2012

Insta Christmas

Merry Christmas dear readers! I wanted to share with you the pictures I took with my new iPhone. Thank god I found blogger app so I can post from my phone. What have you got from Santa ? xx

fab tree at home

our cute bed 

letter for Santa

cookies made with love

wine soup (family tradition) 

awesome present

my ''Christmas tree" in Bucharest (the dress-school project)

and lots of presents


luni, 24 decembrie 2012

The night before Christmas

Craciun fericit tuturor! Sper ca Mosul sa va aduca ce va doriti! Eu am fost cuminte anul acesta si mi-am atins toate tintele. Am terminat cu brio liceul, bacul l-am luat usor, am muncit cu greu toata vacanta de vara pentru facultate (ps: dupa ce voi poza toate lucrarile mele, voi face o noua sectie pe blog cu proiectele si lucrarile mele) si in cele din urma, mi-am indeplinit visul si am intrat la sectia de moda din cadrul Universitatii Nationale de Arte din Bucuresti. De aceea, cred ca Mosul va fi darnic anul acesta :) (si pentru mine, dar si pentru Dragos). 
Pana imi gasesc incarcatorul de la camera, care s-a facut pierdut... ma puteti urmari pe INSTAGRAM

Va doresc din suflet sarbatori fericite! Ne mai auzim pana la anul :) hihi
Pana atunci va las sa va delectati cu episodul meu preferat din Tom&Jerry.


joi, 6 decembrie 2012

from day to night

I wore this outfit a couple of hours before Gala Avanpremiere and because I ran out of time due to my schedule, I changed my shoes and went straight to the event. 
Since the college started, my style has changed  a bit. Back in time, I wouldn't wear black, but now I'm wearing black from head to toes (almost everyday). And from now on I'm saying yes to black, to more statement necklaces and to challenges!

Ohh, have you got any presents from St Nick? I've showed mine on the facebook page :)
Sadly, someone has blocked the access from FB to my blog, and I'm trying to solve this problem for a few days and I don't know what to do anymore..


Have a nice afternoon!


luni, 3 decembrie 2012

Gala Avanpremiere 11

We are a lil' bit late with this post because we just got the pictures. I hope you like them.
Well, last week, thanks to my fashion design student card, I went with two other fashion colleagues and Dragos to Gala Avanpremiere to admire the collections and to get inspired. I selected a couple of pictures with our favourite collections, with the most fabulous pieces. I must add that I am in love with 2 collections: A&S Negrulescu - Raven and Iris Serban - Elements. 

Carmen Chereches – Lost in dreams


A&S Negrulescu - Raven

my absolutely fav one 

Loredana Novotni - sacRED

Iris Serban - Elements

 and another favourite

of course we loved Natalia Vasiliev - Dreams of Florence collecton, but we ran out of battery..