luni, 3 decembrie 2012

Gala Avanpremiere 11

We are a lil' bit late with this post because we just got the pictures. I hope you like them.
Well, last week, thanks to my fashion design student card, I went with two other fashion colleagues and Dragos to Gala Avanpremiere to admire the collections and to get inspired. I selected a couple of pictures with our favourite collections, with the most fabulous pieces. I must add that I am in love with 2 collections: A&S Negrulescu - Raven and Iris Serban - Elements. 

Carmen Chereches – Lost in dreams


A&S Negrulescu - Raven

my absolutely fav one 

Loredana Novotni - sacRED

Iris Serban - Elements

 and another favourite

of course we loved Natalia Vasiliev - Dreams of Florence collecton, but we ran out of battery..


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