marți, 27 septembrie 2011

inspiration vs high school

source (idk the real source of the pics editorials&co.)

Well, here I am facing the last high school year, trying to prepare for the final exam and for the fashion university. It feels like I barely have time for anything.. at least, I strongly believe that everything it will be ok. I just cannot wait to see myself at the university, doing what I really love and learning about it. I'm that kind of student that hates high school from down to the ground. I just don't like it. I'm counting down the days 'till I'm moving out and I just cannot wait to do my packages and leave this boring town :D.. well, 'till then I have to study a lot and prepare myself for the exams and for the entance examination. I'm thinking positive and I know that everything's going to be allright.

I'm going back to study for tomorrow. bleah. I'll be right back.

Have a great week!

later edit: my blog has been hacked a couple of days ago! :( (screw you dear hacker!) that's why it is a little bit "empty". I had to delete everything that I had on the right column. thanks god that now it's ok.. I hope.. I will take care of my blog and add the bloglist & co this weekend.

marți, 20 septembrie 2011

sweet afternoon

@ Absolutely Fabulous fair

Let's start with something sweet..








with the sweet Laura from Tokyo and Seoul dreams


aaaand a little bit of blogger-love ^.^

I am wearing: H&M dress,flats,bag,sunnies; Accessorize bow ring & handmade bracelets

thanks Laura for the pics !! xx