miercuri, 29 septembrie 2010

blah blah

Quite busy with the school, sorry but I'll post some new pics on friday I think because I want to spend my time with my sweetheart. (he's leaving tomorow in the afternoon :( )
I'm so sad altough so happy because my wedges are here, I have a new haircut and my mom bought for me FASHION NOW! ...and I'm relaxing while reading the new issue of Harper's Bazaar.

PS: Because in a few weeks will be the 1st year anniversary of my blog, I'm thinking about a giveaway.. what do you say? :)


sâmbătă, 11 septembrie 2010

the bye bye holliday

uhmm. WELL, the summer holliday is over and it has also run away with the sun and the long lazy days at the beach.. I'm quite sad 'cause I already miss that beach with the wind and the sea.. I have a very looong homework to do. AUCH! Well, some good news.. my H&M Givenchy inspired tights will be in my hands Monday.. the wedges in 2 weeks I think.. aaaaaand tadaaa guess who found the most wanted Zara wedges ??? I'm so happy about that! :)

PS1: New pics soon.. With the last outfit in denim shorts.. (now is very cold here:( ) Don't blame me but I'm writing from the laptop.. and the pics are in my PC. Oh, and I want to thank you all for the lovely messages I've recieved. You make my day happy! :) I'll answer when I'll be at my computer. Love
PS2: you can see me over here at 1:15 in the back.. (aiaiaiaiiii while I'm watching this movie I'm missing that place more and more..)

joi, 2 septembrie 2010

september's here...

H&M jacket; Primark t-shirt; scarf from Vama Veche; ZARA denim leggings;Red Lips oxford shoes

Now I can say that autumn's here..it is toooo coooooooold!!!! I've noticed that my hair is longer since I've posted my last outfit pics, in July I think.. haha now I'm quite happy that I finaly have it a lil bit longer. I already miss Vama Veche, the beach, the sea, te clubs, drinking tequila at 6AM and sleeping on the beach..
And about the outfit.. hmm I'm wearing my new H&M biker jacket which my mom bought for me in her trip.. I'm so in love with it ! Also with my oxford shoes, I love 'em so much although I think I'll go crazy when I'll see many girls in the town wearing 'em. (I usualy avoid to buy clothes from the local shops..) and about the scarf... I love it A LOT! I think it is the most beautiful scarf I've ever had and it reminds me of the sea... the place where I've bought it.
I know, I know... I promise to post more outfit pics ! I swear! :D

PS: Lager is better, no? :)