luni, 11 octombrie 2010

1 year anniversary!!! :D

So today is the big day! Yup! My blog has reached 1 year... I remember when I started the blog, was about 6 in the afternoon and it was very cold outside.. Because I was looking through blogs for about 2 years I thought that I should have my personal blog too (I have another 2 blogs, which are older than my personal blog. One is handmade ant the other is a shop-my-wardrobe blog :D).. so here I am now.. I don't regret anything except the fact that I didn't post many outfits here.. my camera is old and I usually don't like the pics I'm doing with it..
How I've spent the day? At school, shopping (found a wonderful bag, you can see it in the outfit pic) and talking at the phone with my boyfriend who was searching at Zara for the pair of navy chino pants that I'm craving for a loon long time.. and he found 'em :D hihi!!!
Today's outfit: (sorry for the pic, this is the only one.. my camera died after my mom took this pic :|)


wearing: H&M jacket & long shirt; ZARA denim leggings; UGG boots; thrifted bag & my bf's sunnies

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  1. Laaaaa multiiiii aaaaniiii!
    P.S: Foarte tare geaca!

  2. First of all...La multi multi ani!>:D< si mult succes pe mai departe cu blogul:)
    Secondly, sar'na:D Following you too:P



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