joi, 14 octombrie 2010

One day we're gonna live in Paris..

I'm counting down the days.. I just cannot wait for the next summer !! In March I'll turn on 18 and I thought that is better to keep my money that I could spend on a party (on the food, drinks and to hire a place) I could actually go with my boyfriend somewhere on holliday! So guess where we're going next summer? Yes.. to PARIS !!! Ohh I'm so happy ! It's the 3rd time for me visiting the most fashionable city and for my boyfriend it is the first time.. when I told him today he was very surprised and happy because he told me a couple of months ago that he wants to visit Paris and he thinks that is absolutely wonderfull, so do I :) hihi

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  1. Paris 8-> Norocoaso, eu n-am fost niciodata :(( Anyway, i'm glad for you:*

  2. Aah i live in France and i've only been to Paris once, what a shame !

  3. im going to paris next week :)
    im so lucky i have a flat there ! in fact i was born in paris so i dont realize how cool it is sometimes ^^
    see u

  4. @heels lover - thanks sweetie :*. stii cum sta treaba, "ai grija ce iti doresti ca ti se poate indeplini", my advise : think positive! :) asa am fost intotdeauna si in proportie de 80-90% absolut tot ce mi-am dorit s-a indeplinit! :D

  5. @Abaca - if I were you I wold visit Paris every time I could. That city is so romantic and fashionable. :)

    @Victora - Lucky you !!! I wish that I could have a flat over there and to spend my summer holliday in Paris. ohhh, what a dream! <3


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