marți, 12 octombrie 2010

TAG: 7 things about me!

The cutie pie, Simona tagged me : " The Versatile Blogger" award so I had to write down 7 things about me; enjoy!

1. I am an 17 (& a half :D) years old student, who's waiting to grow up, to finish the high school and to discover the world.
2. After I finish high school, I wish that I could study fashion design and I hope to make my way into the fashion industry...
3. I am in a relationship for almost 3 years. Since I was about 13 I had feelings for him even though in that time we didn't know each other personally.
4. I know that someday I'll live in London because since I was a child I was attracted to that magical place and since I have visited it I knew that I belong there. And 'till then, I'm waiting to move in Bucharest with my boyfriend :)
5. I always had a problem with finding my true friends because I'm too sensitive and I put way too much love in all friendships..After all my problems I have found out who's true or not. Although I never had a best friend, my mother is in that place for me. We're having a friend-friend relationship and I'm realy gratefull !
6. My fav music is electro-jazz, electronic, trip hop, indie and british rock music.
7. I love my cat, she's so sweet and fluffy. She stays with me when I'm sick, she sleeps with me, she hates homework as much as I do (when I'm writing she's sitting down on my notebook and she takes my pen), she's always waiting for me at the door when I'm coming home from school aww. I can't live without her because she's having a very important place in my life.

Feel free to make this tag, I think it would be very interesting to know something we didn't know about you! :)

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