luni, 1 noiembrie 2010

thrift day :)

pic via

Today was a lucky day for me.. well, while I was searching the vintage shops/ aka second hand shops.. I found a vintage LEVI'S jeans jacket, my size! Gosh, it is so amazing! And what about the price? 10 lei (aprox 2-3 euro) Great, no?
And the other thing I found today was a khaki maxi skirt, in my size ofc. It looks the same as the H&M maxi skirt which I was just thinking to order..
So *trink*trink* I have already an ideea for my next outfit post, which will include my maxi skirt..

In other news, some of you don't know that I have a tumblr inspiration blog, where I post daily the pics that inspire me.. I have it since the summer holliday started but I forgot to post on my personal blog about it. here it is:

PS: What's with me? The last days I've been into a black-clothes-from-head-to-toes mood. Don't worry, I've added a bit of color with a brown cardi and my tiny Zara camel belt..


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