duminică, 17 iunie 2012

new in ** June

**NEW IN**

H&M Trend silk burgundy pants, H&M FAA sunnies, H&M Trend tank top, H&M bracelets and earrings, H&M bra, vintage Levi's shorts, H&M swimsuit

You probably know how much I love the Trend section from H&M. So, as a silk addict & lover, I got this awesome pair of pants which I'll wear with killer heels. The tank top - is the perfect addition to my wardrobe for this summer, I love the way it fits me. The dotted bra -  I was craving for this one - last one, my size..as usual. The vintage Levi's shorts - less than 1$ !! I absolutely love them! The swimsuit  - well, I wanted to buy this swimsut for a very loong time and last weekend, when I went with my boyfriend to the mall, I have found it on sale. YEY. Accessories - bracelets & earrings - on sale and the sunnies, well, I wanted them like hell, now they're mine!  awghhh

Have an awesome afternoon!

sâmbătă, 16 iunie 2012

into the night

new fav dotted shirt, fav jeans, adorable blazer and new furry shoes from Maruti which I absolutely love (thanks Jony agaaain and agaain!)

lovely night. late cocktails. good music. nice atmosphere.. and someone to share all these things with.
Now I'm back to work, I just cannot wait to finish all the shitty school exams and to move in Bucharest.
Counting down..
Please bare with me, I'm sooo stressed out and I cannot update the blog as much as I want but I'll manage to post these days my new buys from the shopping trip. YEY

Now listen to this and relax.

miercuri, 6 iunie 2012


H&M shirt, flats, sunnies, H&M trend pants, borrowed Mango purse

Unfortunately I have lost the pictures from the fair somewhere in my pc. As soon as I find them I will update the post. This is what I wore there, something comfy for shopping, I was in a biiig search for prom shoes.. so this is a laate outfit post.. from about a month ago :D

Have a nice day!

PS: for those who love body jewelry check out Fresh Trends ! It's an online body jewelry retailer based in the U.S. where you can find quality jewels. I can declare myself in love with some jewels I have found over there so take a look on it ;)!