sâmbătă, 16 iunie 2012

into the night

new fav dotted shirt, fav jeans, adorable blazer and new furry shoes from Maruti which I absolutely love (thanks Jony agaaain and agaain!)

lovely night. late cocktails. good music. nice atmosphere.. and someone to share all these things with.
Now I'm back to work, I just cannot wait to finish all the shitty school exams and to move in Bucharest.
Counting down..
Please bare with me, I'm sooo stressed out and I cannot update the blog as much as I want but I'll manage to post these days my new buys from the shopping trip. YEY

Now listen to this and relax.

9 comentarii:

  1. uhh, imi place camasa enorm!
    si pozele trase seara :x

    1. awww merci frumooos! si eu o adooor, si e brand romanesc.. ma bucur cand gasesc hainute frumoase facute de romani :)
      app de poze, sunt facute toate fara blitz. au iesit chiar bine :D

  2. Into thr night you look great & stylish!

  3. Cute look! I love the blazer! :D
    Multa bafta la examene!! :D

  4. My dear you all look so fabulous! Your outfit is great.



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