sâmbătă, 23 iulie 2011


H&M top (borrowed from mom), sunnies and flats; H&M Fashion Against Aids plastic bag, harem pants bought from Vama Veche

This is what I would wear everyday in the summer. The harem pants are just perfect for this weather and they're super comfty. I got 'em last summer while I was in Vama Veche and I loved them at the first sight. All in all, tomorrow I'm off to Ploiesti, where I'll meet Eve and Sandra (can't wait to meet you girls ^.^) and then I'm leaving to Bucharest for a couple of days..

Have a nice summer!!

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8 comentarii:

  1. Have a great time with the girls, I met them and they are the best! :D Please say "hello" for me! :D
    Love this look on you , the pants are indeed great for summer;)

  2. Nice outfit! Those harem pants remind of the movie Aladdin :)


  3. unique pants!!:)


  4. Haha, ce tare:D Super pantalonii tai, acum nu ma mai simt asa singura in ai mei:))

    Have fun with the girls:*

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