duminică, 15 august 2010

sales maniac

I have to make a serious space in my wardrobe because my mom bought a lot of clothes from Spain. Cannot wait to see what she has bought. (yeah, don't worry because we have the same tastes and we are both shopping/clothes-maniac :D lucky me!)
Finaly! My friend has bought for me the necklace I was craving for a long time from Accessorize on sale for only 30 lei which means less than 10 euros.(it was 90 lei, ~25 euro.. so that's a deal!)
and don't forget to stay tunned for new pics, now my camera's back.

PS: I'm nervous now. Last night I had a dream that I was walking in the wedges I'm craving for a very veeeeery long time. Did my mom found em? :| PLEASE PLEASE I want a positive answer!!

2 comentarii:

  1. hmm, should I make a trip to accessorize!
    love it, I wanted to buy it a couple of time but yeah it was sooo expensive!
    it's dries van noten like;;)

  2. am fost azi la ala de la romana si nimic:(
    adica nu mi-a atras atentia nimic:))


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