sâmbătă, 19 iunie 2010

messy room

wearing: French Connection tee; ZARA TRF denim leggings; C&A blazer; Gaz It sandals; Mood necklace; vintage rose brooch;

that pics were made 1 hour ago, when I arrived home.. so I made all the pics with the timer haha. I had a funny night.. hmm I think it was the most interesting night since the summer holiday started :) ! Yayy
I'm wearing my new French Connection tee, which I bought a couple of days ago and I love the fabric and the print.. it is so amazing!
PS: in pic 4 & 5 you can see a part of my CRAZY cat ! <3
PS2: next time my room will be clean and it will sparkle, I swear! *BLUSH*


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