duminică, 23 septembrie 2012

september in the afternoon

My newest outfit post, out with the girls, searching for goodies at @Absolutely Fabulous fair.
Finally, I'm back on the blog, I got into college, in the end,officialy I'm a fab fashion design student, living in a fab apartment.
What about you?

PS: thanks again Jony for the fab shoes!

wearing H&M from head to toes & Maruti shoes

14 comentarii:

  1. ADOR tinuta asta! Iar geanta aia este D-E-L-I-C-I-O-A-S-A!!!

  2. frumoasa tinuta, imi place pulovarul galben!

  3. Welcome back darling & congrats for the Univ admition.
    Gorheous look!

    1. yeeey thankie thankie! xx pss. te-am vazut la Zara sapt trecuta :P dar ai fugit repede. we'll catch up soon :)

  4. Interesanta combinatie, imi place mult culoarea bluzei!

  5. Hi! Could you, maybe, check out my blog? I'm kinda new and I know you get a lot of request like this, but said I'd try my luck. :) http://imeowlife.blogspot.ro

  6. Superba tinuta! Imi place combinatia de texturi


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