miercuri, 7 decembrie 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Top of the list: the dress (I would wear it for sure on NYE), the flowery shirt, the sequinned clutch. Of course, I love all those things on the wishlist. The dotted blazer fits me perfectly and it's soo damn gorgeous, that skirt too, the feather necklace is a statement piece that I would wear with almost everything. SHOESSS damn, those snake print heels are amazing, and the next pair is the cutest pair of brogues I have seen lately. STUDS&LEATHER. I'm in love with those gorgeous and perfect gloves, I need them! And that bag too. And now, Litas..the most comfy shoes I have ever tried on. I need them! Still not sure which color should I get..
Oh yes, I also want that perfect Marc Jacobs watch and a pom pom scarf :)

PS: Santa, I've been a good goood girl! xoxo

8 comentarii:

  1. Vai..de unde e camasa aia inflorata!
    Sper sa primesti tot ce iti doresti!:)

  2. zara :) si eu sper la fel desi stiu ca nu este posibil asa ceva. ma multumesc macar cu 2-3 chestiute de pe lista :))
    kisses :*

  3. Oh those Litas :D:X Lovely selection, hope you will receive what you want! :D

  4. hihi, thanks sweetie :* I love every single piece on the wishlist, too bad that Santa won't be that generous this year. :s xx

  5. Yummy, vreau si eu cam toata lista ta:))

  6. Great pieces!Perfect wish list, love the studded bag!

  7. i LOVEEE all of these things! you have INCREDIBLE taste and revealed to me there are things I want sooo bad, that I didnt even know existed... until now.
    Um... thank you!!!!

  8. @Andreea: tu deja ai Litas >:P that's not fair :))

    @Alina: thaaankie! same here! I saw it last weekend, it's so damn gorgeous!

    @Ash Louise: Awww, thanks a lot. You put a smile on my face! ^.^ Well, I want those things so bad too because I constantly change my style and now I have finally found some pieces that I need in my wardrobe. I'm happy you love the list ! kisses


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