joi, 22 iulie 2010

some things I have to share..

Hey, everybody! Well, I'm mad on me because I'm not in the mood to take pictures (1st reason: I hate my camera, 2nd: my hair is very messy; 3rd: it is way tooo hot outside!!) and I am very lazy and I'm wasting time on not that important stuff and I'm sad that I realised that I didn't answered emails, comments & co. Ouch..
Well, tomorow I'll go with my boyfriend to the seaside for a couple of days.. cannot wait! I'm so glad that I can finaly spend time with him now because he's done with the exams. I realy missed him and I will miss him in the near future..
Ohh, I forgot to mention that last friday I went to the seaside only for a couple of was so amazing! I still think that night was the best night since the summer holiday started!!
So, I can't wait to go to "my second home".

PS: I promise to keep updated as soon as I'll get back (yay, a friend will take a camera, so stay tunned for the pics!)
PS2: I missed my blog. So I NEED to update.
PS3: best friends are for never...


*picture from Vama Veche's FB

marți, 13 iulie 2010

the square

wearing: PRIMARK square blouse; vintage LEVI'S cut offs; Gaz It sandals; C&A purse; accessorize ring

Hi guys!
I kinda missed you :).. I had a very busy period, that’s why I didn't had time for new outfits posts, altough it is holliday!
I’ve bought this square-tee/blouse almost a month ago from a thrift store. I simply adore it! It is so different and it looks very funny. This outfit is inspired from what I’ve seen through LB and chictopia because today I realy didn’t know what to wear (oooh crap!) and I’ve constructed it to be in my tastes.. Aaaand
TADAAAA this is the result. What do you think?

**LB&chictopia are very good for those I-DON'T-KNOW-WHAT-TO-WEAR days! :) they're very very inspiring!


PS: I do love 3D pics!

joi, 8 iulie 2010


Just found 'em in my pc. They're so inspiring. I love the sequin dress, the plum lipstick, the orange hair and esp the Dior (if I exactely remember) high heels. LOVE



wearing: H&M shirt; Zara shorts; Converse shoes; C&A purse; Swatch watch

Am nevoie de o pauza la mare cu fetele, o pauza ca sa scap de plictiseala din oras (mai intai sa ajunga pachetul-cel-de-departe cu minunatul costum de baie de la H&M).. Si am nevoie de banuti pentru magicele platforme. Si vreau ca el sa nu plece peste 3 luni.