joi, 22 iulie 2010

some things I have to share..

Hey, everybody! Well, I'm mad on me because I'm not in the mood to take pictures (1st reason: I hate my camera, 2nd: my hair is very messy; 3rd: it is way tooo hot outside!!) and I am very lazy and I'm wasting time on not that important stuff and I'm sad that I realised that I didn't answered emails, comments & co. Ouch..
Well, tomorow I'll go with my boyfriend to the seaside for a couple of days.. cannot wait! I'm so glad that I can finaly spend time with him now because he's done with the exams. I realy missed him and I will miss him in the near future..
Ohh, I forgot to mention that last friday I went to the seaside only for a couple of was so amazing! I still think that night was the best night since the summer holiday started!!
So, I can't wait to go to "my second home".

PS: I promise to keep updated as soon as I'll get back (yay, a friend will take a camera, so stay tunned for the pics!)
PS2: I missed my blog. So I NEED to update.
PS3: best friends are for never...


*picture from Vama Veche's FB

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  1. Just found you Sandra, and really enjoyed scrolling through your blog.
    Have a great day!


Thank you for your comments! You make my day better :) lots of love!