miercuri, 31 martie 2010

Birthday :)

Haha, this is my outfit for today, my birthday :D
I’m wearing new stuff bought in my trip to Vienna & Bratislava: shirt bought at H&M for only 9 euros, H&M shoes, this great Zara bag & my adorable new Swatch wach. Also, this
AMAZING jeans jacket I got as a present from my boyfriend (LOVE IT!!).
This day was full of chocolate (Milka, of course :)) bought a lot in Vienna) and a quite sleepy day because of the weather.. I’ve spent my whole day with my amazing-adorable-cute-loveable boyfriend, Dragos, we went to buy some food, we went to the park and after that we came to my house & made some pics.
I don’t feel like 17 now, I still don’t want to grow up because I’m at the perfect-age & I don’t want to feel old .. lol
haha, say hi to my boyfriend :D!

Today's song:

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