marți, 15 octombrie 2013

autunno & mustard

Cold weather, here we meet again! Myup. School started last week and I've been busy as hell. And the tricky weather & the fluffy blanket won't let me leave the house..
I wore this outfit today, during the lunch break. I'm wearing one of my newest purchases: the red wool hat (luv the color and the shape - it's perfect!), the mustard sweater which has a very nice texture and fit. I'm into oversized pieces and yes, this is just awesome! Also, I'm wearing my newest pair of Veneziana tights which is soooo awesome. It has a nice kinda floral print & I love the fact that it has that otk socks look because of the matte part. Needless to say that the tights are soooo comfy & the texture is great! 

In order to keep warm & for more pairs of awesome tights don't forget to visit !

See you next time!