vineri, 25 noiembrie 2011

I look to you..

Today's song. Cool song & video, I love it!

last weekend @Fratelli espresso bar with my sweetheart

ps: guess who's in my town this weekend? my sweetie pie, Laura from Tokyo and Seoul Dreans yeeey ^.^

marți, 1 noiembrie 2011


SATURDAY// It was a cuute night spent along with the bf and my best friend at a bar. Later we went to a club with Laura, where we met Raluca and Silvia from Bucharest Style and the girls from The Hearabouts, Sandra and Eve.
Ofc I didn't even thought that I was going to a club that night, so just like Laura said, I was dressed like Sandra from The Messy Glam and she was Laura from Tokyo and Seoul Dreams :))) hahahahh

PS: don't you just love Sandra's hairdo? She's very original :)

And here is me, on the flow, as usual. Laura joined me, so we danced uninterruptedly :)))

How was your Halloween?


pics @ Goblin Club