luni, 24 octombrie 2011

diary// Saturday

wearing: Zara dress (as t-shirt) H&M jeans, cashmere cardi, Zara metallic belt, mom's oxford shoes

1,2 - outfit (inainte de pregatirea pt facultate) hihi.
3 - cu Laura, the cutie pie, la Simbio.

marți, 11 octombrie 2011

2 years of TMG

This is how I started ..

lovely shoes april 2010

bday outfit march 2010

sept 2009
sept 2009
 march 2010

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 april 2010

 may 2010

 june 2010

 july 2010

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 june 2011

october 2011
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All I want is to thank you for following and reading my blog! I know that I didn't take care of my blog as much as I wanted to but I'm trying to keep it "alive" in my free time.. now because it's a rough year I don't have too much free time due to the fact that I'm finishing high school this year and I have to learn a lot.. also this week I'm starting to prepare for the fashion university..cannot wait! Also I want to change the theme of the blog bla bla.. any suggestions?

Well well well, because last year I had a giveaway, this year I'll have a special giveaway.. including a Moschino belt.. more info soon :)

marți, 4 octombrie 2011

Paris, je t'aime..

daydreaming. Hopefully in January I'll be there... :)

I love this song and I recently found this amazing video. Love it?


luni, 3 octombrie 2011

sunset in october

Well, october's here.. soon the cold winds will be here so I take advantage of the last days of "summerish autumn" to wear my fav wedge sandals bought last autumn. Here I'm wearing my newest buy, this super cute River Island blazer. I instantly felt in love with it. The shape is amazig, the color is perfect and the material is very soft. It's the perfect acquisition for this autumn. Also I'm wearing my fav shirt from H&M which is absolutely amazing! I would wear this shirt everyday trust me :)) I was so lucky that I found it in my size, at sales..the last one. It was pretty cheap, arghhh I wanted to buy it when it wasn't on sale but it was a lil bit expensive.. so what can I say. I'm always lucky when it comes to clothes :)

PS:  my blog will celebrate in a few days 2 years, so expect a fab giveaway!
PS2: guess who's making jewelry again? I will update my handmade blog asap !

ps3: excuse my pumpkin face :">