vineri, 28 mai 2010

Look what I found on FB, the first picture in video ♥ it's me and my sweetie !
(it's a movie with random pictures from Vama Veche)

miercuri, 26 mai 2010


dress: Zara
belt: Volcom Stone
purse: Debenhams
hat: New Yorker
studded sandals: Gaz it

I'm quite busy with the school now.. tomorow I'll have the last exam ! Yay! I think I need to go back and learn.. c'ya soon!


miercuri, 19 mai 2010


I know that I'm kinda lazy.. I have many new things to post in the weekend... BUT now I have to
study study study

luni, 10 mai 2010

miu miu LOVE

I'm in love with MIU MIU's collection. I wish I would have enough money to buy only one pair of shoes (yesss, they're simply amazing!). The last 2 pairs are my fav. Which are your favs?

images via: &

miercuri, 5 mai 2010

1st of May

With Cassy
I've partied all the time, made new friends, met old friends and had a lot of fun over there! The atmosphere was amazing, the sun was shining and I got bronze a lil bit :) . I went to parties and to Suie Paparude. Yesss they had a concert and it was great :D!!
More pics soon, I'll post them when I'll get 'em.

P.S.: I'm realy realy realy sorry that I didn't post anything but I was & I still am kinda busy with the school. yuck!

top: borrowed from Cassy
jeans: Zara
shoes: Converse
sunnies: gift.
accessories: necklaces fromAvon & thrifted, rasta bracelet gift from bf, claire's earrings