marți, 8 aprilie 2014

Change is only constant

Sometimes we all need a change in our lives. Change is the only constant in life.

I saw in the past year how my lifestyle, my wardrobe and my everyday habits have changed. I've been going through a all-black period of time last summer and autumn. Now it's black and white. The major influence in my style is minimalism and I invest only in good quality clothes that will last loger than a season or two. I first look at the tailoring, texture and fabric. One good cloth is worth more than 10 cute  but badly done.

Zara Basic shirt & pants / The Cambridge Satchel bag / Michael Kors watch / Maruti shoes

marți, 11 martie 2014


This is what I wore last week. Altough the weather was not so kind, I wanted to give a try to this awesome dress. and jacket. and amazing-ubercute-glittery-golden-black tights from Veneziana which I just adore. All night I was just staring at my golden legs. AWESOME.

Thanks Bucharest Style for the pic! mwah

PS: No, I didn't get fat. :)))

miercuri, 19 februarie 2014


Deconstruction project / 1st semester / 2nd year / Fashion Design / UNArte

7 shirts turned into 1 dress. It was pretty hard to do this but it was worth it. I just adore the back and I am so proud that I sew it P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y.

What do you think?

sâmbătă, 15 februarie 2014

celebrate love everyday

Celebrate love everyday, not just because it's V-day or other s**ttie mainstream holiday.

We celebrate ours every single day, we love each other more and more everyday and we cannot believe how fast the time flies.. in about a month we'll celebrate our 6th anniversary and we couldn't be happier :)


miercuri, 29 ianuarie 2014

jewelry crush

Hi there!

After a long day, I finally decided to make a post and to keep on track with the blog.
As some of you might know, usually I have a wear-only-bracelets / wear-only-necklaces / wear only rings period (PS: I haven't worn earrings in a loooong time - over a year I think just because I don't feel like wearing them). 

My latest crush is thin jewelry - 2 words - simple and effective. It goes with everyting in the wardrobe - from classics & casual to evening wear and so on.
I don't leave the house without wearing my thin charm necklace or a thin ring. If you haven't got any thin jewelry, now it is the time! I've found some extremely cool thin jewelry that  have caught my attention on and you should definitely check them. 

As almost everyone prefers statement, I go with the minimalistic flow. Because sometimes too much is just too much and I am certain that simple & chic is better not only because you won't have the same thing as your collague (who already has that statement necklace as you do) but because you can wear it in a million ways and there are tons of designs, shapes and patterns to try on. 

What do you think about this thin jewelry trend? It's easy on the eye, flawless and chic. For sure you cannot go wrong with it. 

See you soon!