marți, 31 august 2010

new items in my wardrobe

I absolutely adore those leggings..I loved 'em at the first sight.(seen 'em on The Blonde Salad) also I've seen a girl in Vama Veche wearing a pair of harem pants with the same print, they were simply amazing and I said that I must have 'em.. Bad luck that I haven't seen them on their online shop. maybe next time :D
And about those wedges.. hmm I wanted to buy 'em sooo much in march but they were sold out in stores. The color I wanted was black, but in the new collection black doesn't exist anymore, so I bought them in this print, which actually is in the trends and luckly this pair of wedges is cheaper now: 10 euros! (in march were 20 euros)

what do you think about my new purchases? :)

vineri, 27 august 2010

love love loveee

Just when I'm finding it hard to breath, you lift the weight inside of me
Oh baby I see the light, thats burning bright, and we're the stars
Oh Anne you save me from the world
Oh Anne you save me from the world
Stars please shine for me tonight

joi, 26 august 2010

din seria bla bla

wearing: sunnies borrowed from Razvan; H&M shirt; Oasis necklace (+ moms TOPSHOP denim shorts + oxford flats **not in pics)

Today's pics. We've had SO much fun making the pictures and singing. Huggie sweetieee ^.^
PS: I've bought a pair of gray suede oxford flats! yupy

+bonus the songs that we were singing this night (click on the songs to listen 'em):

marți, 24 august 2010


guess who's back again after 4 nights of party-till-morning and 22 h of sleeping.
I promise to post pics asap :)

miercuri, 18 august 2010

here I go again and again and..

Yes, I'll go to Vama Veche again. I've just finished the packages and in about half an hour I'll leave.
Check . I'll be there at the festival to see some of my fav bands.
Buh bye !!

the pic is made about 2-3 weeks ago :P

duminică, 15 august 2010

sales maniac

I have to make a serious space in my wardrobe because my mom bought a lot of clothes from Spain. Cannot wait to see what she has bought. (yeah, don't worry because we have the same tastes and we are both shopping/clothes-maniac :D lucky me!)
Finaly! My friend has bought for me the necklace I was craving for a long time from Accessorize on sale for only 30 lei which means less than 10 euros.(it was 90 lei, ~25 euro.. so that's a deal!)
and don't forget to stay tunned for new pics, now my camera's back.

PS: I'm nervous now. Last night I had a dream that I was walking in the wedges I'm craving for a very veeeeery long time. Did my mom found em? :| PLEASE PLEASE I want a positive answer!!

miercuri, 11 august 2010

I'll never forget you

Back again. Had a great time although for two days I've been sick and I've been sleeping very much. Had some insolation problems, stomach problems and I
couldn't sleep anymore in the tent because my back was destroyed.. (no problem, I've been sleeping in the front of a club on a beach bed (so goooood!!) between 12-2 in the night. Funny, huh? :D
I'll go back next week. I'm so happy that I'm keeping my promise that I'll go to the seaside every week untill the summer is over.

Oh, sorry but no pics this time because I don't have the camera home. I'll check out my phone pictures..

joi, 5 august 2010

here I go again

The third time since the summer started. This time I'll go for an unlimited time (eh, I'll stay there till I have money just for the train back to home, as usually) !
Seaside, I'm coming! I'll have the train in 4 hours and I still have to do some sandwiches, to pack clothes & co.

Here are some pics from the last time I've been to Vama Veche.. I mean.. last week haha! :D

and a cute song for you :)

marți, 3 august 2010